Finding Your Grace Card

withmatI am Glenda and I am so glad that you are here. I want to share with you why Soul Restoration is so important to me. In 2013 I took Soul Restoration. I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t exactly understand what it was all about. I just thought it sounded like something interesting to do.

In the promotional videos, they talked about “Going Where the Peace Is” and I simply did not understand what that meant. I did not know what a “truth card” was, I didn’t know all the amazing things you could do with mod podge, I didn’t know how to “Love this Day” or what “She Did It Anyway” really meant and I didn’t know how to talk to my “Four-year-old Self”. After a few lessons, I started to get a handle on what Soul Restoration was really about and I decided that if I was going to take this class I was going to be “all in” I gave serious thought to what I wanted to take away from Soul Restoration. I didn’t expect anything to feel so real, or so personal. It was like Soul Restoration was written just for me.
That was when I changed the way I lived my life.

In my journal I wrote:
I am seeking a renewal to enjoying life and being able to embrace the moments and experiences of  my life as they come.
I don’t feel broken or scattered. I simply want to sweep up some of the fragments of a broken life that are hanging around my soul house.
I want to move forward in my life on this earth with a better understanding and appreciation of who I really am and what makes me happy.
I want to feel joy again.
I want to feel peace again.
I want to be more loving and accepting of other people.

Soul Restoration taught me to live in the moment and accept that life isn’t all good or all bad, it’s a combination of both and it’s how I choose to deal with the good and the bad that makes the difference in living a happy life or a” just getting through kind of life.” I learned how to love my whole self with all my imperfections and I learned to incorporate and accept my imperfections as a part of who I am and love myself in spite of them.

It was hard work and some of it was painful but the rewards were worth it. Through Soul Restoration I was able to forgive myself for some foolish choices I made many years ago. I was able to let go of the pain I had been carrying around for years and I was able to learn how to give myself grace.

When Brave Girls offered the opportunity to become a Certified Trainer Soul Restoration I didn’t think twice. I knew that this was something I wanted to share with the world. My website is a work in progress but eventually, I will have workshops and retreats so that others will be able to experience this class firsthand and I hope you will be there when I do.If you haven’t already signed up for my mailing list, don’t forget to do that.